Areas of Concentration: Natural Resources Transformation and Use

This Concentration Area is part of the field of engineering, having as general outlines a multidisciplinary action in the Lines of Modeling and Simulation of Processes; Environment and Energy; and Process Engineering, with direction and applications in the Mining, Metallurgy, Agroforestry, Energy and other industries. In this sense, the chosen concentration area aims to produce knowledge and train people capable of developing processes and products in these areas and sectors.


Research line:

Engineering Processes

Processing processes for agroforestry products and waste, minerals, ETA and ETE waste; processing of vegetable oils; biodiesel production process; thermal-catalytic cracking of vegetable oils; (absorption, adsorption, solid / liquid extraction, supercritical technology, phase equilibrium, drag and steam distillation).


Research line:

Environment and Energy

Use of renewable sources for the generation of energy or production of biofuels (biomass, biodiesel, among others); development of new technologies for power generation in small hydroelectric plants; energy efficiency in environmental sanitation; environmental analysis in the Amazon (in the industrial sector and in the use of natural resources) addressing technical, economic and social aspects for the development of technologies for the generation of energy.


Research line:

Modeling and Simulation of Processes

Development and application of hybrid methods in thermocycling; development and application of numerical methods in thermocycling; computational fluids dynamics; modeling and hydrological and hydrodynamic simulation of rivers and watersheds; biphasic flow analysis; solids flow and discrete elements methods.