Science and Sustainability Vale-Capes Prize

On May 2, 2014, PRODERNA received an honorable mention in the 2013 edition of the Vale-Capes Prize for Science and Sustainability. The award is aimed at the best theses and dissertations whose theme are within the groups "Efficient Processes to Reduce Water Consumption and Energy", "Utilization, Reuse and Recycling of Waste and / or Rejects", "Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GEE)”, and “Socio-environmental Technologies, with an emphasis on Combating Poverty”. The program was awarded the Doctorate thesis entitled “Study of the Extraction of Red Mud Iron Compounds Aiming at the Concentration and / or Extraction of Compounds of Titanium”, written by Edilson Marques Magalhães, under the guidance of Professor Emanuel Negrao Macêdo and leader of the Energy and Process Engineering Group of the Amazon (GEPAM). The topic of the thesis was inserted in the group “Waste Utilization, Reuse and Recycling”. The award was made jointly by the Coordination Foundation for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (CAPES) and Vale SA, supported by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq).


Bibliographic production

Through the research group on "Water, Energy and Amazon Sustainability (GAES)", linked to PRODERNA and coordinated by Profs. Claudio José Cavalcante Blanco and Lindemberg Lima Fernandes, at the end of 2013 there was the production of a scientific article on an important environmental and infrastructure issue, to be published in a journal of the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE), of British origin and of great international importance. This activity has the partnership of the National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) and the Center Eau Terre Environnement / Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS-ETE) of the University of Quebec (Canada).